Widad was born on October 9th 1927 in Shubra, Cairo. She graduated with a BA in philosophy from the University of Cairo in 1952 and worked as a teacher for 7 years.

She was among the pioneer leaders of the Egyptian National Women’s Movement, and the first woman elected to the Student Union at the University of Cairo in 1952. In the same year she joined the Women’s Committee for the National Resistance, founded by feminist Siza Nabarawy, and took it upon herself to fight for the women’s right to vote and to run for elections.

She founded a women’s NGO in the Baragil village in Fayoum.

About winning the Student Union Elections in 1952, Widad Mitri said, “In my final year in college, I nominated myself for the Student’s Union elections. That was a very daring move, and I won. During the elections a battle went on between us and the Muslim Brotherhood, who objected any leadership of women. I was extremely happy when I won because the fact that I was elected came as a culmination to women’s struggle over many generations.”
[Credit: Women of Egypt]

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