Author and professor of Arabic literature and Islamic civilization at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.Fawzia Abdelmoniem El-Ashmawy was born and raised in Alexandria. She graduated from faculty of arts French literature department in 1965, and then she moved with her family to Switzerland, where she proceeded with her studies and graduated from the faculty of arts at the University of Geneva 1972, her specialty was humanitarian sciences.

She received her Masters in 1974 and PhD 1983 in literature, humanitarian and social sciences.
Her PhD thesis was about “the improvement of the status of the Egyptian Woman through Naguib Mahfouz’s literature”, and about this choice Ashmawy said “my choice was Naguib Mahfouz ,because he was the only Arabic Author that wasn’t influenced by the western literature schools ,and he wrote his novels about the allies in Cairo without leaving them.

She advanced in her career and was promoted from assistant Professor to the head of the Arabic language and Islamic studies in the University of Geneva. , Today she is a retired professor.
In addition to her academic career, she worked as a consultant for the UNESCO and the European Union commission in Brussels.

Also she held the Geneva Academy for science in 1985, a member of the Swiss association and the Middle East in 1991, and the French Cultural Institute in Switzerland 1992, and the president of the European Islamic Woman Forum starting 2004. In 2006 she was elected for the general secretariat for the cultural Egyptian Commission in Switzerland. She has a lot of literature pieces and translations.  [Credit: Women of Egypt]

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