Noura Shalaby, graduate of “Raise Your Voice” workshop for documentaries.

To learn the basics of making movies, Noura Shalaby, the 22 years old economics graduate, decided to join “Raise Your Voice” workshop after she saw its advertisement on Facebook. After finishing this workshop, she is looking forward to join cinematography and editing workshops to develop her skills in these fields.

The women’s issue that interests Shalaby the most is how the society dictates the stereotypes that define women’s beauty, which if women don’t follow, they are labeled as ugly or accused of lacking femininity. Noura believes the solution to this issue is for women to have more confidence in themselves and become aware of the standards that the society imposes on them.

Through her movies, Noura hopes to spread awareness to many of the marginalized women issues in society, especially the ones related to the injustices women suffer from in family courts, also domestic violence and fgm (female genital mutilation). She also aspires that her movies help women obtain their rights and wishes for Egyptian women to gain more strength to confront the society

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