Asmaa Hosny is a 35 years old street vendor in the town of Ras El Bar in Damietta. She was born and raised in Cairo and that’s where she obtained her commercial secondary school (high) certificate. Her father was a street vendor in the coastal town of Ras El Bar. After his death 15 years ago, she decided to work to provide for her mother and 9 siblings (6 sisters and 3 brothers).

She traveled to Ras El Bar where her father used to work, and took his spot, selling small gifts and cheap products, she bought wholesale from the merchants in Cairo.

Her dedication to her job and customers paid off, and today is a well-known and reputable street vendor in Ras El Bar. From her job, she was able to put her siblings through school and help all her sisters with their marriages’ expenses.

Asmaa’s dreams are very simple. All she wishes for is a better tomorrow.

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