Mona’s El Sabbahy’s journey from architecture to a butcher house.

Mona wanted nothing in life but to become a chef, but there were no culinary schools available in Egypt.

After she graduated from high school, she wanted to travel to study in a culinary school abroad. Her family insisted she must first get a degree from Egypt first before she could travel.

Mona joined the faculty of fine arts to study architecture. In 2011, during her second year in college, CTC (Culinary Training Center) opened in Cairo, and she enrolled in it without giving it a second thought.

She attended college in the morning and went to CTC in the evening, and graduated 13 months later, while still studying architecture. Two days after her graduation project I started working as a chef, and this is what she wanted to do since she was in school.

She graduated as an architect in 2015.

She worked as a chef in restaurants and as a culinary consultant, but since she always wanted to be involved in the operation not the management, she preferred to work in the kitchen and found a job at the Intercontinental hotel.

To be able to start her own business, she still has a lot to learn, so she is now training at a butcher house.

She also competed in the global chef competition that took place in Greece in 2016 as an assistant chef for the Egyptian chef Omar Hamada. She was the first female assistant chef in Egypt to accompany a chef in an international competition

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