Violence against women is a term generally used to refer to any violent acts practiced intentionally or exceptionally toward women . This includes crimes of hate, and violence is based on the gender of the victim and a key motivator.

As defined by the General Assembly of the United Nations “violence against women” is “any aggression against based on sex women, which causes the creation of harm or physical pain, sexual or psychological for women, and also includes the threat of such aggression, pressure or arbitrary deprivation of freedoms, whether occurring in the framework of public or private life. ”

The Universal Declaration on the Elimination of all forms of violence against women , issued in 1993 stipulates that “this violence has been perpetrated by assailants of both sexes or members of the family or family or even the state itself.” Governments and organizations are working around the world to combat violence against women and through a variety of programs, including a UN resolution identifying November 25th of each year as the World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women .

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