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Violence Against Women in Egypt

Violence against women has increasingly been recognized as an issue of national concern by the Government of Egypt and the National Council for Women (NCW). Responding to the government’s commitment to ending violence, the NCW and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) established the Combating Violence Against Women project. As a major component of the project, the NCW commissioned this study to provide the background information needed for the development of a national strategy to combat violence against women in Egypt and to plan future activities.
Although much of the available research on violence against women focuses on the public health impacts, this Violence Against Women Survey takes a human rights approach that examines the issue from a holistic, multisectoral perspective. The study was conducted by Egyptian academics, researchers, and activists nominated by the NCW, including university research institutions, private-sector research firms, leading nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and government experts. The study process included gathering information from a variety of sources and sectors, analyzing new and existing research by Egyptian experts, and developing preliminary recommendations.
Building on research conducted previously by the NCW, other Egyptian government and nongovernmental entities, and experts, the study authors use a wide range of methodologies to focus on various aspects of the issue. Specifically, this study considers the prevalence of different types of violence against women, attitudes among married and unmarried women and men, the legal policy and regulatory framework related to violence against women issues, the role of media, services currently available to female victims of violence, and recommendations for reducing levels of violence.