Salemah for Women’s Empowerment is an independent, non-governmental women’s organization, working to promote gender equality and strengthen women’s rights as human rights since its inception. Starting with the rise of the revolution in January 2011, Salemah has worked towards the empowerment of women, building cadres of feminists who are able to identify their needs and are willing to fight for them.

Salemah aims to fill a lacking part of the Egyptian feminist movement and societal movements in general by providing the development of business strategies and knowledge targeting women and men alike. Salemah further wishes to provide a safe space for Egyptians in Upper Egypt and inhabitants in other governorates who were uprooted by the culture, poverty, or discriminative policies.

Salemah collaborates with organizations and entities of the Egyptian feminist movement in order to reshape the traditional structures of social, economic, and political systems, including legislatively ensuring the inclusion of women in all developmental processes as both participants and beneficiaries in accordance with the principle of gender equality.

Salemah organizes programs and projects that support freedom, dignity, and equality, which can only be derived from a state that guarantees a life of dignity for all of its citizens and nationals.